Local students learn about GENAQ technology

GENAQ collaborate in the Vocational Training of Emilio Canalejo High School

divide - Local students learn about GENAQ technology

The Emilio Canalejo High School in Montilla (Córdoba) has developed its first Vocational Training days. It is an initiative directed mainly to the students of the center who study in electricity and electronics, but also to the professional sphere of air conditioning.

Outstanding companies in this sector as KEYTERINTARCON and GENAQ collaborate in the development of these conferences. Throughout the first Climate and Refigeration Days, Antonio Berlanga, Technology Specialist of GENAQ, has introduced the Atmospheric Water Generation. It caused a great sensation in all the attendants, which were very interested in this technology that converts the air into water reproducing the rain process.

In Spain, and throughout the planet, more specialized training in green technologies is increasingly necessary. It is essential first to raise awareness among future students that the planet’s resources are limited and that there are already technologies that can solve the problems caused by the lack of water. In this sense, GENAQ shows its commitment to future generations and to the future of the environment. To grow together, more vocational training, more I+D+i and more environmental awareness is necessary.

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