GENAQ participates in the First American Conference on Atmospheric Water Generation

GENAQ has participated, at February 7th, in the First American Conference on Atmospheric Water Generation in which our CEO, Carlos García, explained the technology of our generators which is a solution ready to be used, not in development.

He detailed several real cases in which this type of technology is already being applied in the world by GENAQ as the United Nations, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies or, specifically in Panama, in collaboration with SENAFRON, SENAN, Petroterminates or the National Police. In the company of Fernando Pulido, CEO of Ray Agua Panamá and  eco-environmental innovations, Carlos García explained the applications in emergencies, industrial and commercial of our generators. Also, he demonstrated one of our generators. The event concluded with a tasting of water generated from the humidity of the air by all attendees, including several agencies in Panama and the region. Previously, GENAQ was present in ADR Panama Forum, focused in Disaster Relief. Our CEO could to show our solutions which are adapted to the needs in DR (autonomy, portable, efficient, cost effective, environmentally friendly).

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